Peg Aprons

Peg Aprons were the first item created by Bessie’s Boutique.

peg apron strawberries

Looking for a way to avoid bending down to pick up pegs? A Peg Apron may be the solution for you. Aprons tie around your waist and pegs are then at easy reach whether you are left or right handed. Aprons have a 60cm string on each side and can fit approximately 60 pegs.


Elephants (2 in stock)
Dog Peg Apron
Dogs (1 in stock)
Magpies (1 in stock)
Black Polka Dot
Black Polka Dot (1 in stock)
Aussie Flag
Aussie Flag (1 in stock – SALE price $18)
Ladybirds black (1 in stock)
Red Ladybird
Ladybirds red (1 in stock)
Red polka dot
Red polka dots (1 in stock)
peg apron strawberries
Red strawberries (1 in stock) was $25 – now $18
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Blue Kangaroos (1 in stock) was $25 – now $18